Our Mission:

Because of our years of experience in the Dominican Republic, we have the unique ability to put together, flexible group activities that cover areas that are of most interest to active singles, and couples of all ages, races, and gender; enabling everyone to have fun. All activities are carefully planned to achieve just that. We pride ourselves in connecting you with descent Latinas and Latinos. Our activities are mostly outside of the resort/hotel. You wouldn't need us if all you wanted was to stay confined in the resorts.



Premium Affairs Included:
- Hotel, Food, and Drinks
- Free Party Bus Ride From the Airport
- Various Party-motivating & Exciting Contests
- Latin Male & Female Translators/Security
- Exciting Male and Female Competitions
- Access to 24-Hour Entertainments
- Group Tours Around Town


- VIP in all clubs
- Pool Parties & Games
- General Entertainment
- Exclusive Pajama Parties
- Some Water Sports Included
- Several Hot Beach Parties & Games
- Beach Games - Natives Vs Tour Group


- Full Body Massage
- Complimentary Champagne
- Free Transportation Around Town
- Salsa, Meringue & Bachata Lessons
- Make Friends at Club/Disco Affairs in Various Towns
- Party Facilitators (ensure you're having a great time, even if you don't speak a word of Spanish)




Breakdown of Activities By Days

Day 1 - Wednesday.
Arrive at the hotel at approximately 2:00pm Party Bus: Latino Pleasures' Party-bus comes to pick you up from the Activity Airport - Puerto Plata Airport (POP) or Punta Cana (PUJ) depending on the venue of the event. You start partying from the airport in the bus all the way to the hotel. There is music and drinks on this party bus. You are dropped off at the hotel.

{Note, if you are coming from any airport other than the originally agreed airport, you will have to arrange for your own transportation to and from the hotel. We can also arrange transportation for you, at an additional cost, only if you inform us of the different airport at the time of your booking.}

After check-in, come back out at about 3pm to the Hotel's PARTY AREA for music, food and open bar, meet and greet your group and possibly, some locals. Meet our Staff, including our Party facilitators, who will make sure that you fit in and enjoy the environment. You are now in our famous "Get To Meet & Greet Party". Here, you will introduce yourselves to your new Buddies. Let the party begin. DANCE - PARTY - ENJOY. People in this environment, are very easy to get along with; and together with our Party Facilitators, the excitement is like FANTASY-COME-TRUE. You will receive Quick Survival Lessons on SALSA, MERENGUE & BACHATA. Welcome party closes,and dinner is served at about 6pm.



At about 10pm, we will take you as VIP to the local Discotheque and Bars for an all night jamboree, if you are still energized. You do not have to be a good dancer to fit in. Just move your feet. You know how to move your feet don't you? Just lift one foot at a time, and bounce to the beat. Or you can just chill in the VIP area. You will feel like it's your birthday!! Right about now, language is no longer a barrier. However, just however, OUR GUIDES /TRANSLATORS ARE THERE FOR YOU to ensure your comfort. Party closes officially at about 4am. Transportation and Security are always standing by to transport you back and forth the hotel, all night long.

Day 2 - Thursday:

Beach Party: Breakfast is from 7am to 10am. After that we go to the public beach (NOT hide you in a resort's boring beach). We take you to a special section that is reserved for you at the beach. There is music. We provide the beach games and entertainment for you at the beach. You may also want to relax and patronize some of the vendors passing by you with goodies that you may like. Get relaxing manicures, pedicures, chair massage, etc...at unbelievable prices. Yes, you are waking up in Paradise. Now you realize just how truly you needed a vacation.


Country Side Bars: From the Beach we take you into the country side to party with the "Conservative Dominican Locals" - probably to the "Car Wash" as they call the country bars. These locals are not used to tourists, so they are more conservative, and treat you better than the locals in the tourist zones. The regular tourists are scared to venture into these virgin territories, because it is costly and dangerous to do so if you do not have the local connections. So you are in for special treatments. They love Americans, as long as you respect them. We have our security detail and they know them, so you are pretty safe.


From here, we take you back to the Clubs in town.


Day 3 - Friday:

Site Seeing and Shopping, after breakfast. We take you on a Tour of the Cigar factories to experience hand rolled cigars on the moment. Then we take you to the Beer factory where you can drink all the freshly brewed beer that you can drink. Then we go shopping for souvenirs, beach paintings, wine tasting, etc. You will have the option to go on various adventure rides, like the zip-lining rides over the mountains, if you choose.


Pool Party in the afternoon, after lunch.

Pool party with DJ and outside guests, activities, bikini contest, Wet T-shirt contest, sexiest man contest, and more. Free drinks for you and your guests. Right about now, you should already be feeling good like a Dominican.


Classy Nite Clubs: After dinner, we immediately take you out of the city to the revue and dance clubs in the surburbs; and end up in the clubs in your resort area, at late night.


Note: Because of the mass influx of weekend tourists, there is usually scarcity of locals to party with at the clubs on weekends. But no worries. For Friday and Saturday, we make special arrangements to ensure that you have fun in the Clubs' VIP sections.

Day 4 - Saturday:

Boat Ride (Plan A Only): We take you on a boat ride to the ocean where you catch some big fish. We will return to the beach where we will have a fish cook-out, and beach party

OPEN DAY: Today you decide from your experience so far, what you will like to do this morning and/or afternoon. This is your day to venture into any area of personal fun activities, or excursions, or "Other Special Activiites" that can be arranged at your request and cost." There is always some sort of group activity or party going on at the hotel, including another pool party.


Mini Pool Party: In the Afternoon, there will be a get together by the pool side for more fun and/or especially with the love of your life, for more easy relaxation partying by the pool-side. Everybody should be feeling like they have known you for years, and we are pretty sure you will feel the same way, too. But just to keep things in check, we always travel with our Security Team (although not necessary).


Day 5 - Sunday:

Breakfast and closing notes. Farewell cocktail before you leave. On or about 12:00 noon, transportation is available to take all to the local Airport for Free. If you came through another airport, other than the local airport of the event, we can help you to arrange tansportation to that airport at your own personal cost. Basically, you will have to pay the taxi/bus fare to that other airport. Bon Voyage, Amigos. Definitely will see you again. At least that's what everybody swear they will do. Hopefully, you will be singing Kudos to the Latin-Travels' crew.











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