• What is the ratio of the Latinos/Latinas at each event?
  • We do the promotion to ensure that as many natives as possible attend our events. We take you to secured areas where most people party. The average ratio in our events is approximately 4 natives to 1 tourist. Naturally, you are in their country so there have to be more Latinos and Latinas than foreigners. The key is not just taking you to where most people party but to where it is also safe to party. This strategy ensures that you will have lots of people to comfortably party with.

  • If meet non-English Speaking Friends, how do I communicate? Chances are you do not know a word of the Spanish language. Our translators (male or female - your choice) are always around to help you communicate with the natives. Moreover, we provide a complementary Spanish/English basic translation handbook, for those who love to try the language.
  • What are the ages of the guests and natives?
  • The hotel requests and screens the government issued ID cards of the guests you bring or invite to yourevents. In addition to using this method to ensure that all guests are responsible and consenting adults, it also provides added security, since your guests are required to leave their ID cards at the front desk until their departure is mutually agreed upon. The average age range is between 21 and 90, with approximately 98% of the natives in their twenties. Incidentally, the natives prefer older and responsible guests for friendship. Age is no big deal over there, anyway.

  • Is there an age limit?
  • We follow the U.S.' guideline on minimum age restrictions. Minors are not allowed into our events. There is no maximum age limits. Age limit does not matter at these events. You are actually as young as you feel.

  • Suppose I like someone and I am shy to approach them?
  • Don't worry. Our Party-motivators, Staff, and Guides are handy to ensure that you lose your inhibitions. Even Nerds have fun at our events.

  • What does it feel like to be at one of these Tours?
  • Don't worry. Our Party-motivators, Staff, and Guides are handy to ensure that you lose your inhibitions. Even Nerds have fun at our events.

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  • Suppose I get lost in town?
  • There are lots of Tourist Police strategically placed in areas frequently visited by Tourists. They are always there to help you. However, we do provide you with our telephone number, for times like this. Rescue is only a glass of beer away.

  • Who can go on these tours?
  • Any responsible, mature and consenting adult - male or female, can go on these trips. We are open to all people, without discrimination on race, color, nationality, creed or religion. We welcome diligent men and women whose primary purpose is to travel and enjoy their vacations. Moreover, Dominican Republic is known for her accommodation and promotion of interracial activities; especially since the country is multi-complexioned. We do not support illegal activities of any sort.

  • Can I book my own flight and meet you guys there?
  • We understand that not all travelers will like to make the NY Tri-State Area Airports (NY and NJ), their airport of preference. This is especially so, since some of the guests are coming from different parts of the world for the Tour. We are unique because once you get there, as planned, you will be expected and welcomed by our special delegates in that city. However, in order for you to receive and enjoy our services, you must travel and depart on the same date as the other travelers in the Tour, or as pre-arranged and mutually agreed.

  • Why do I need you If I can book my own flight?
  • Of course, you can book your own flight. And although a travel agent can book a "dream" vacation package for you, only Latino Pleasures can provide guides to physically and literally care for you, and pamper you, while you are in this strange but Exotic Island. With other companies' All-Inclusive deals, you are on your own once they get you to the hotel, assuming they even offer transportation from the airport to the hotel. Moreover, dollar for dollar, time for time, with Latin-Travels.com, you can't go wrong. Our "Fine Prints" area answers this better for you.

  • Do I save money with your Tours?
  • Not only do you save money, we make sure that your dollar goes a long way. Because we protect you, and only take you to responsible and respectable establishments, the "rip off the tourist" tactics is eliminated. You end up spending less money than you ordinarily would have, if you were on your own, especially in entertainment. You also get Discounts.

  • Suppose I want to stay longer than the planned Tour?
  • You can stay for as long as you want, but our obligated days to you, begin and end as stated in the Tour package that you selected. We however special arrangements can be made to ensure that our staff takes care of you, during your extended stays.

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